About the RideLogic Bike Setup System

You drop your saddle and roll into your favorite descent. Left, right, up and down … floating, turning, floating, turning … just you and your bike … acting as one … this is why you Ride!

That sweet flow isn’t magic. It comes from a perfect bike setup — one that addresses the way bikes, bodies and trails work with each other. Dial in your bike with the RideLogic Bike Setup System, and feel that flow on every ride.

With a RideLogic™ Bike Setup you:

Save time and money. Know which setup is best for you. Stop guessing about handlebar width, handlebar height, stem length and frame size.

Ride with less pain. Work with your bike, rather than fight against it.

Crash less. So many injuries are caused by improper setup and position. Dial in your cockpit so you’re poised for confidence and flow, not tension and calamity.

Ride better than ever. Carve corners, cavort through rock gardens, jump smoothly, clean technical climbs … everything is easier with your RideLogic setup.

Kick more ass. If racing is your thing, either in person or online, shave minutes off tricky climbs and seconds off every corner. Save more time by riding straight over gnar. Save even more time by not being afraid! Fear is slow.

Have more fun. Ride longer. Ride more often. Explore more types of terrain. Enjoy!

Traditional fitting methods focus on saddle position, then locate your handlebars using static body angles while you’re sitting.

When you’re Riding, you’re not sitting! You’re dancing on your pedals — creating a Sine Wave of Love with the trail. The RideLogic Bike Setup System starts with your feet then locates your handlebars for maximum control and power on all sorts of terrain.

Thousands of riders of all levels and styles are riding RideLogic setups, and they are stoked!

About the RideLogic Bike Setup System

The RideLogic Bike Setup System evolved with the Lee Likes Bikes Teaching Method, which is the world’s simplest, most powerful and most scalable mountain bike and BMX curriculum. Over the past decade and a half, Lee has taught riding skills to thousands of riders of all styles and levels ( from road to cyclocross to BMX to cross county to enduro to downhill; beginner to expert to world champion), and he’s learned a ton about the ways bodies, bikes and trails interact.

There comes a point when you can’t optimize technical riding skills without optimizing rider movement, and you can’t optimize rider movement without first optimizing bike setup.

Most bike fits are based on traditional road wisdom and a static riding position. They don’t consider the needs of riders who brake hard, carve corners, pump rocks, boost jumps and basically have more fun on their bikes. Those of us who like to shred — gravity racers, BMXers and modern trail riders — have always known shorter stems and taller bars tend help us handle our bikes better, but there was never any precise method to estimate out how short and how tall.

The RideLogic Bike Setup Method brings logic to the process of setting up your bike for Riding (active Riding with capital R, as opposed to passive riding with a lowercase r). We focus on universal human movements (not just things you do on the bike). We unite the principles of biomechanics, kung fu riding technique and bicycle dynamics.

The RideLogic Bike Setup Method:

Gives you maximum control for turning, bumps and other fun stuff. Ride downhills in more control than ever.

Helps you generate maximum power for moves like sprinting, technical climbing, pumping, manualing, hopping and jumping. Climb better (and shred harder) than ever.

Is simple. Everyone can understand and implement the principles. If you need help, we’re here.

Requires no special tools or equipment. Cameras and sensors and computer displays are impressive, but they can cost tens of thousands of dollars — and they don’t guarantee a good fit.

Can be implemented at home, at the bike shop, on the road or anywhere.

Makes your current bike handle better than ever. Shred harder. Climb easier. Seriously. If your bike is already perfect, you’ll learn how to make your next bike just as perfect.

Helps you choose and set up your next bike. With your magic numbers in mind, picking your next frame, stem and bars will be stress free.

Works for all mountain and BMX bikes, as well as flat-bar road and cyclocross bikes.

Is proven, with hundreds of riders already riding dialed setups.

Can be adjusted to suit your riding style.

Integrates perfectly with our skills philosophy. When your bike fits you perfectly, and you learn to move in concert with your bike, you can ride all kinds of terrain with more confidence, safety, flow, speed and all-out domination.

What the RideLogic Bike Setup System is and isn’t

This is not a bike fit. Bike fitters tend to take their titles seriously, and a true, quality bike fit has a medical aspect. This is a cockpit setup system. It uses logic and proven science to generate cockpit setup suggestions — but they’re only suggestions. Make adjustments as needed.

This is a cockpit setup system. We focus on helping you position your handlebars for optimal control and power. We also give you advice on crank length, saddle height and other technical issues, but we care most about the relationship between your hands and feet.

If you use another fit system, that’s OK. Keep your saddle wherever you like it for pedaling (but drop it for downhills). You can compromise your bar position between the fitter’s suggestion and the RideLogic ideal, or — better — you can set your grips for optimal handling then use bar-ins for climbing. Be creative.

You are responsible for your body. Don’t ride any setup that hurts or feels strange. Ride within your limits.