Drill 1: push across the top

When you push the pedal across the top of the stroke, you start the power phase earlier, and you erase the dead zone at the bottom of the other pedal. Both good things.

If you want to push your pedal forward, you need to get your foot behind the pedal. You do this by dropping your heel.

As the pedal passes 9 o’clock, start dropping your heel with the goal of pushing across the top of the stroke.

Visualize getting your heel below the pedal spindle before 12 o’clock so you can push forward. This won’t happen, but it’s a great goal.

Push as soon as you can! Then push sooner. Use your butt (aka glutes) as much as you can.

Strive to have your heel lowest at 3 o’clock.

This is the A1 best, most effective pedaling drill. Master it!

NOTE: The harder the gear and the slower your cadence, the more heel drop you’ll use (and need). Play with different speeds.

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